How to Solve Microphone Issues in Android Phones like a Pro

By Khalid Irshad Soofi

Have you ever faced issues with your Android phone’s Microphone while you were busy making an important call? If yes then you must understand how painful it can be.

It is even more irritating if you didn’t drop your phone. You didn’t reset or alter the Mic settings either. Yet in some way, it stopped working by itself. There are numerous feasible reasons why your phone’s Mic is not functioning. Let us tell you about some tried solutions before you consult a mechanic. In most cases, the problem will be solved with the following tips. After reading these tips you would think that dealing with the Mic issue on Android phone is remarkably very easy. The following tips might also save you a great deal of money and time as opposed to going to the nearest service center or technician.

Are you holding your phone appropriately?

Examine if you are not obstructing the Microphone with your finger. It might additionally be the dirt which is accumulated with time in front of the Mic. When was the last time you cleansed your phone?

If this step does not work then you must consider the following:

A Hard Reset

Your phone can get tired too; after all, it is a machine. It might sometimes break down since you have actually been utilizing it continuously. Provide it a fast break.

Best way to do so is to switch off your phone and wait for approximate 10-30 seconds prior to turning it on once more. This must fresh your hardware. Inspect if the issue is fixed. If not, you must try a hard reset option which can be accessed in your phone settings.

Cleaning your Microphone with a pin

This Mic fix on your Android phone is straightforward yet it’s super reliable. However, you must do it with extreme care as the pen tip can damage the inner structure.

You telephone builds up dust from using it for continuously using it for an extended period of time. A cellphone is exposed to dirt or small particles, as well as this, can go inside the little openings of your phone. You might not know it, but your phone can get dust fast especially if you’re always keeping it in your pocket.


Disable the noise reduction option

New Android phone launches feature a great function called noise suppression/noise decrease. It generally decreases the background sound when you are in the middle of in a phone call or videotaping a video. Nevertheless, this can be the issue of why your Microphone is acting badly. To solve that issue try to find the Sound Reduction choice and disable it.

Getting rid of third-party apps

Some applications can be wicked. They might sometimes interfere with your phone; thus, customers experience minor anomalies. First, run your phone in a secured safe mode setting. Then disable all third-party applications momentarily.

Try a phone call or make use of the recorder to check the Microphone. If it is functioning fine, then the offender is within your apps. Back up your phone to retain very important information and avail the factory reset option.

Use one Microphone at a time

You may not discover it, but your phone might be linked to a Bluetooth tool that disrupts your phone’s integrated Mic. Be sure to detach your phone from various other gadgets and do a quick reboot.

Pressure Ceasing Bixby Voice

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S9 user who is experiencing the exact same issue? It could be as a result of the Bixby Voice. Open your phone’s setups and default Apps. From there, select Bixby Voice as well as select Force Stop. Inspect if the issue is resolved.

In case your Mic does not function after all these measures, you must consult your nearest service center or a reputable technician.

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