How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

by Farzeen Amin

The mental health has become the hot issue all over the world. Finally, the unaddressed and misunderstood concept has started receiving attention locally, nationally and internationally. The importance of Mental Health is being highlighted through several seminars and workshops being conducted worldwide. However, the public figures and celebrities have also come forward to talk about the importance of mental health. The issue had become urgent due to the increasing number of suicides and depression cases. Several celebrities like Selena Gomez came forward to share her experience with the disorders and the ordeal they faced during the time she suffered.

Pakistan provides a similar if not the exact picture regarding the issues of mental health. The sudden news of suicides has stunned people as the reasons are unknown. The suicides and drug abuse has also become much common in the young students. The drug peddlers are running freely in our institutes capturing the attention of especially people under certain mental disorder such as depression as they become the easiest preys. Only recently shocking news of the suicide of medical student is surfaced. The researches have also indicated that unhealthy minds lead to aggression and violence as well.

The life Style of the contemporary era also plays a role in favoring the unhealthy habits which may deal to the mental disorders or disturbance in the normal functioning of brain. There are simple things we must take care about in order to prevent the disorders and allow the mind to stay healthy.

  • Eat Proper Meal

All of us have ignored the importance of proper meals somehow but skipping the breakfast is the worst of all.  In the haste to reach work place and educational institutions on time we mostly skip the breakfast and later take something unsuitable like biscuits to fill the appetite. Just as our body needs energy to function properly our brain needs the food as well. This might sound silly and simple but leaving the stomach empty for long intervals leaves negative implications on over all body and brain.

The health experts lay the greatest stress on healthy and proper breakfast. So no matter what do not skip your breakfast .Feed yourself with a full meal before you step outside the house. omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin b, vitamin B complex, Vitamin E helps the brain to function properly. Eggs, nuts and green vegetables are also food for the functioning for the brain.

  • Daily Exercise

The healthy mind requires a healthy body to function properly. The sluggish routines become one of the major reasons for tiredness and fatigue. The bad routine also lead to the headaches and unhealthy brain functioning. The body movements are very important to provide proper blood supply to the brain as well. The daily exercises in this regard are very important. Take out time for yourself and your health.

A small walk and easy exercise help in the better blood flow throughout the body and brain. It also helps to keep you remain fit. Another approach states that daily exercises and physical exertion helps to burn the unnecessary floating energy in the body commonly known as “negative energy” which otherwise cause aggression and frustration.

  • Good Digestive System

Stomach is very important part of the body as it signals the brain about the overall health of the body. The mild chemical imbalance in the stomach can lead to several mental issues. So we must keep our stomach healthy to remain physically and mentally fit. Take a good quantity of water to keep the stomach healthy. Moreover, eat things with fiber to help  the stomach digest food better and faster.

  • Kick out the stressors

It is impossible not to have stress and stressors in life but the way we deal with it marks the difference. To remain mentally healthy you must understand that it is okay to face failure and it is okay not be right all the time. The idea to  face every situation is actually not very healthy. Avoid the unnecessary gathering which makes you feel bad or sad just don’t go and cherish the time the way you like.

The toxic people in life make it very difficult to cope up with the life. These people discourage you, shame you for no reason so you must distance yourself from negative people and enjoy the company of healthy and positive people. Remember that companies matters a lot specially for the mental health.

  • Take proper sleep

The exhausted and tired brain and body starts to damage it automatically. It is must to give proper rest to the brain. Sleeping is actually a process where brain heals and repairs and damages in brain. It is best to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Sleep deprivation is one big reason of unhealthy mind

Here irregular sleep patterns also pose dangerous implications on the overall functioning of brain. The over sleeping is as dangerous as sleep deprivation.