How to Excel in Academics

Academic performance is not limited to the written examination but it covers your overall performance. The educational institutions help the students to understand the world better and it also equips the student with all necessary tools and equipments to survive in the practical life. The performance in studies is directly proportional to the interest in studies but a student must also be good in academics other than books knowledge. Here are some tips to help you in getting better grades and overall academic performance. 

  • Know Yourself

Self Awareness is the important key to the development in every field of life. A student has to be aware his strengths and weaknesses. Enlist your strengths and weakness on a paper. Now evaluate how you can use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

Most of the students are not aware about their own strengths and never actually evaluate the areas where they lack. Here it is most important to get out o the phase of denial. Accept your weakness, only then you can work to overcome it. Similarly, acknowledge your strengths so you can you use it at maximum.

  • Mental Presence

The focus and concentration in studies is very important. Here the teaching techniques have a great role to play so that students do not get mentally tired. The mental presence is as important as the physical presence in some cases it is actually more important than physical presence. Although it is difficult to concentrate on a boring class but you can always use the aid of writing notes to help you keep the focus towards the lectures in class.

Taking notes actually keep you active and engage more than 3 senses at once which help to prevent any other thought to enter your mind. So when you feel that you are getting distracted take out a pen and note book and start taking notes.

Highlighting the important points in the books and notes also help you keep the complete mental presence in the class.

  1. Speak Up

You must break the shell of shyness and learn to speak up. The student sometimes does not clearly understand the new concepts but they refrain from asking any question about it. it is very important to realize that your aim  to attend any academic institution is to gain knowledge and understand and if you are not getting it there is no use of any qualification and degree. So you must learn to ask questions from the teachers. The mature and professional teachers always appreciate the students who ask the questions.

You must also respond to your studies by speaking up that are by answering and responding to teachers comments and questions. When a child speaks up in class it shows their interest towards studies and teachers also automatically become more attentive towards these students.  

  • Be Known and Skilled

Remember that extra-curricular activities help you to excel in academics as well. Your brain requires nourishment and refreshment. The extra-curricular activities help the brain to function in a better manner. However, it is very important to develop supportive skills as well to groom and become better in over all academics.

Being known amongst the teachers, faculty and students also encourage you to perform better and struggle for the betterment. The teachers also help and encourage the students who are known in the schools for positive reputation and good representation. So take part in games, debates, competition and have a healthy excel in studies.

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