How to be Confident?

“Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself”.

Confidence is not a gifted to people but it is earned through hard work and dedication. Some people are groomed in a manner that they do not shy away from anything and continue to extrovert and confident however, it is not something which cannot be learnt or developed. Every skill in the life needs your dedication and determination.

It is one such quality which helps you to get through almost any situation. Confidence gives person a positive attitude towards problem and conflict solving. The lack of confidence is mostly due to the wrong assumptions and perceptions about one’s own self. Here you can learn tips to develop the Self Confidence.

  1. Look at yourself differently

So what do you think confidence is all about? Confidence is not how people perceive you or look at you but it is entirely opposite of it. What matters in developing the confidence is how you picture yourself. All of us some set image of ourselves in our minds. These mental images actually shape a lot of our personality. So what we look from outside depends a lot on how we see ourselves inside our mind.

The first step towards developing self confidence is to change the way you picture yourself in the mind. It is very evident in the researches as well that people with low self esteem have weaker mental images about themselves. So very positive about yourself and always look at the positive side. Picture yourself as positive and a confident person who can get through everything. This practice will help you gain confidence in yourself so think bigger about yourself and create better mental image.

The believe system is very powerful in human beings so if you believe you are beautiful no one can change it for yourself and if you believe that you are strong then you actually become very strong. The same applies to the confidence that if you believe that you are confident then you actually gain confidence.

2. Take care of Yourself First

We live in a very complex social structure. Some of the social norms have created hazardous implications of a human’s life. Such is a norm where we are supposed to put others before us. Our literature and media has a great role in painting this picture for us. It is assumed that we are a good human being only if we sacrifice everything for the sake of others. This concept although is wrong, vague and much faulty.

The so called putting others first concept has left many people in great dismay and depression. The matter of fact is that it is very important to put yourself before others. Only a happy person can spread happiness. Only a healthy person can benefit others. So you must start to put yourself first.

Learn to be your own priority. It will help you to gain much confidence. So learn to take more care of yourself only then you can take care of others. There is no shape in giving you time. So make time for the activities which can help you get better in your life.

3. Be Goals oriented

People with low self esteem mostly do not have ambitions for their life. So make sure that you have dreams, ambitions and goals. Make small goals to reach the ultimate aim of your life. It is amazing to achieve something. The sense of achievement helps you to gain a lot of confidence. There is a trick to gain confidence by achievement. Make smaller goals that you can easily achieve then slowly start adding complications to it. Everything you will achieve one goal your self esteem will increase. The process will automatically help you in creating better mental images. For this to work you must a goal and ambition. So make your life worthy and learn to chase your dreams.

4. Look at the other side of Coin

Pessimism and hopelessness are the parasites which eat the confidence from a person. You must protect yourself from these two evils. Many times in our lives we are tested and challenged by life. Sometimes we think that we are worthless and useless due to failures but you need to work on the alternative approaches.

Life is much easier when you have firm believe that everything is manageable and every problem have a solutions so if every in  your life you are stuck with something change your approach of dealing with it. Flip the coin if one side does not work. The alternative approaches formula helps you to become more flexible with crisis management and you continue to be hopeful towards life. Remember that giving up is the easiest option and you must build a stronger self to deal with life. While you are aware that you can do everything you gain much confidence and you become unstoppable.

5. Accept Yourself

It is the most important element in Confidence building. Finally you must accept what you are and the way you are. Every Human being is beautiful in one or other manner. While learning from the success stories of inspiring personalities I have learnt that all of them loved the way they are. It is not important to be tall, fair and slim to have confidence but the key is acceptance.

The self awareness is very important. You must know your weaknesses and strengths. You can only become better by acknowledging yourself. So be ready to work on your weaknesses and make the best use of your strengths. Remember that no one is perfect and it is completely alright to have flaws but the key here is the struggle for improved personality development.

Finally the motive of this article is not to make you over confident and rude but help you see the other side of yourself. To be confident you must create respect for yourself but continue to be humble and full of gratitude.