How much Corona SOPs are being implemented in schools?

What is the academic performance of schools? How much Corona SOPs are being implemented? How are budgets and other matters handled? Education Authority officials will visit the schools to review all arrangements.

The Education Authority has taken notice of the violation of Corona SOPs in different schools of Lahore. CEOs, DEOs and Deputy DEOs will visit the schools, Assistant Directors and AEOs will also visit the schools. Inspection teams will inspect the cleanliness, furniture, records of funds in the schools, during the visit will also inspect the education, timetable, attendance, playgrounds and boundary wall, in case of negligence action will be taken against the concerned school heads.

On the other hand, the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care Punjab has released new data on corona virus. According to the health department, the rate of positive cases of corona virus in Lahore has been recorded at 5.7% during the last 24 hours.

The health secretary said that citizens should avoid leaving their homes unnecessarily and go to crowded gatherings. Only through vaccination and precaution can the spread of corona virus be stopped. Vaccines are available in large quantities in all vaccination centers.

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