Honour of Dow University: the First ever Successful Liver Auto Transplant of a Cancer Patient in Pakistan.

The first every successful auto liver transplant has been done in Pakistan.

This honour and success is the fruit of the endless hardwork of Dow university staff.

In this transplant, the affected liver is separated from the body and, the disrupted veins are exchanged with artificial veins.

Then again the liver is placed in the body.

This transplant was done with a patient of 28 years Sadiq Shah in Dow university.

And after the operation patient is properly healthy. This operation was supervised by Professor Faisal Daar.

He has done 3 Transplants at Dow university.

He has told that now the Pakistanis has no more need to go foreign for Liver Transplant.

Now in Pakistan, this operation is available.

He has showed the aim to operate a minimum of 3 to 4 liver patients every month.