Hint of sealing tuition centers and academies; Important revelations

Matriculation and Inter-Failure of Teachers in Tuition Centers and Academies Revealed, Tuition Centers and Academies Not Registered By 1st April.

According to the details, it was revealed that matriculation and inter-fail teachers are teaching children in different tuition centers across Lahore. There are 5,980 unregistered tuition centers and academies in Lahore. Education Authority Lahore took notice.

The Education Authority Lahore has ordered to seal the unregistered tuition centers and academies from April 1. Now only license holders can run tuition centers and academies. Rows will not be allowed.

At the time of registration, the full information of the teachers teaching in the academy has to be provided to the authority. All unregistered tuition centers and academies have to register themselves by April 1, the unregistered tuition centers will be sealed.

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