Helpful Essay Writing Tips for CSS Exam

In general Essay Paper in CSS Exam is considered to be very tough to qualify. A vast number of candidates fail to secure 40 marks in this paper of CSS Examination. Students need to work hard for securing passing marks in this paper. Students must focus their attention on the proper way of writing an essay. An essay is the source of expression of thoughts, ideas and views in an appropriate way, for instance, concise and precise according to demand. You can read below the 4 easy ways of writing an essay in the exam of CSS.

How to Write an Essay

  1. The first impression is the last so the opening paragraph or introduction of an essay is the main ingredient to grasp the reader’s attention and posture depicted in that essay. The introduction should contain a plot & thesis around which the whole essay or a piece of writing is based. Consider the novels or fictions which are a best seller; they consist of opening three or four pages intelligently crafted to keep the reader interested in the book till the very end. Whatever is written should be relevant and the purpose of all this method is to catch the attention of your reader.
  2. Traditional standards of correctness are the base of a good essay. Correct use of tenses, phrases, grammar, punctuation, proper verbs & adjectives, narration, idioms makes an essay successful. The basic purpose of essay writing is to find out the candidate who may be able to produce text having subtlety, depth, a subtext, creativity, and clever (even poetic) use of language.
  3. A great opening line and an absorbing plot should start the essay; followed by the explanation of the subject matter leading to its merits & demerits ending with conclusion along with solutions & recommendations. The major theme of the topic should remain in one piece throughout. Short sentences work best from a single point of view. Strive for active rather than passive voice. Use strong verbs rather than adverbs.
  4. Select at least 50 topics for essay preparation and then gather information about them from books, newspapers, articles and internet. Keep in touch with the current political and social issues on a daily basis. Do not try to learn any essay but develop ideas and then express them on paper. Repeat this practice regularly.

CSS Exam Essay Topics

The most frequent CSS Exam Essay topics with little modification; enhancement and change are given below:

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Democracy V/s Dictatorship
  3. Energy Crisis
  4. Child Labor
  5. Education
  6. Political Instability
  7. United Nations
  8. Corruption
  9. Judicial System
  10. Nuclear Energy/ Arms
  11. Rule of Law
  12. India Pakistan Relationship
  13. Liberalism
  14. Financial Issues of Pakistan
  15. Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  16. New World Order
  17. Clash of Civilization


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