Good News for the students of Waziristan

Students from the merged areas of FATA and KP have been given a golden opportunity as few of the private sector universities are giving Business Incubation Facilities for such students. To name the notable progress in such concern is that Bahria University and Islamic International University with partnership of USAID and United Nations Development Program will start a business incubation program for entrepreneurs from North and South Waziristan. Similar universities have also launched a digital platform in collaboration with same partners for online classes.

Business Incubation Training will be a breeding ground for the aspiring entrepreneurs as key focus shall be kept on innovation and creativity. High performing entrepreneurs in the training will be getting an implementation grant as well. This initiative is also supported by the Government of Pakistan as it is linked with the aim of Digital Pakistan. It will empower students with digital skills and enhance their self-reliance for the merged areas as government is trying to uplift those areas.

A young entrepreneur from Landi Kotal said that this training has given knowledge about essential components of the business. In order to cope with covid-19 challenges, universities along with internationally recognized aiding platforms have provided such avenues so that community at large can be facilitated. Entrepreneurs will be educated on basic concepts of Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and Human Resources so they can prosper their business outcomes. Moreover, the training will cover approximately 369 students with providing grants to approximately 150 participants for scaling up their existing businesses.