Good news for retired teachers

After six months of payment of privileged leave to retired teachers of government colleges, the Department of Higher Education has approved leave enrollment cases for teachers and employees.

Leave encashment cases of 196 teachers and employees of colleges have been approved. The Department of Higher Education has approved payments to retiring teachers and employees.

The Department of Higher Education has released more than Rs. 11 crore for Leo Encashment. Leave encashment cases of teachers and employees have been pending for six months. Under the law, teachers are entitled to 25 vacations a year, and if they do not do so, the government pays for the remaining vacations.

This amount is equivalent to a maximum of 365 days’ pay and a minimum of the remaining vacation pay. In the said cases, the maximum amount received by the Associate Professors is Rs. 18 lakhs while the Assistant Professors are paid up to Rs. 14 lakhs.

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