Fulbright Scholarship 2019 for Pakistani Students

By Mahjabeen Malik

 One must keep one’s eyes open to see and perceive the things.  When you keep adhere to knowledge, you surely get a chance to grab the opportunity.  Dear readers, my today’s topic is about the awareness of Fulbright scholarship programme. I’ll try to provide you all mandatory knowledge/information about this superb programme of scholarship so that you could avail this golden opportunity with a courage and confidence. If you think that you are eligible, you must not waste your time and talent to be hesitant to avail this opportunity of Fulbright scholarship award. My all best wishes are with you.

 Learn about Fulbright Scholarship

After disaster of World War II in 1946 Senator J William Fulbright had launched a scholarship programme for the students from America as well as from various other parts around the world. That programme was particularly designed for American students to inscribe their talent in other countries and the students belonging to various parts of the world were also encouraged to benefit this opportunity.

  Since 1946, more than 300,000 people have availed the Fulbright opportunity of      scholarship award; it has been launched in more than 150 countries; in Pakistan   

 (USEFP) United States Education Foundation of Pakistan is managing this programme.

Each year more than 7,000 people are awarded with Fulbright scholarship awards. The US government pays a lion share where as foreign governments & school sectors also provide assistance. These awards are granted to graduate students, teachers, and professionals as well.

Does the Scholarship Boost You?

 The Fulbright Scholarship provides an opportunity to the student to study in US and to learn work experience; it transforms the personality of the alumni, professionals, in other words you can say that it transform metal into gold. It boosts your knowledge, confidence level, personality if you are lucky enough to grab the opportunity of this scholarship award.

Eligibility for Fulbright Scholarship.

Every individual Pakistani, possessing a strong academic background in all disciplines except clinical medicine is eligible to apply for the Fulbright scholarship. The applicant for master degree must hold a bachelor degree programme from any recognized university of Pakistan; and an applicant for Ph.D. must have completed 18 years of education from well reputed university.

One more mandatory for eligibility is that the candidates must possess good English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; they must qualify diploma in TOFEL.

 And the Candidates will have to sign a contract with HEC that after completion of their study they will offer their services to homeland for at least equal to their scholarship programme.

Right Time to Apply

Now I’m going to bring a worth noticing point about the application of this scholarship. How much time it takes for the admission? It takes one year complete. If you want to get admission in the next year then you’ll have to apply this year in February 2019. The application process continues from February to May and till September applications can be submitted, and by the mid of October admissions of selected candidates are confirmed. Till the month of February it continues and interviews for visa are conducted by June next year. In July the emigration process to the US stats which continues until the university confirms the reporting date. So get ready to apply in February, 2019 if you want to study under Fulbright scholarship programme in 2020.

 Importance of Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright is a beneficial programme for the students as well as professionals as it is fully funded scholarship programme. The main objectives of the scholarship is to boost knowledge of different values and bring the nation of various values on common ground. Fundamentally, the programme is establishing a relationship between people belonging to various multi culture. For International development, this programme is playing a vital role by facilitating a great number of students & professionals. The United States Agency is supporting it by awarding funds to students such as text books, air fare, living expenses and health security etc.

 After completion Fulbright degree programme, Pakistani scholars will serve in various department of government of Pakistan for five years at least and they will share their knowledge and experience with their native people thus they will serve for the development of their nation.

The List of award by Fulbright Scholarship

  1. It covers 100% tuition fee
  2. It offers one free return air ticket between Pakistan and US.
  3. Complete free health insurance
  4. Free accommodation
  5. Visa assistance and Fee
  6. Books, Thesis research materials
  7. Pre –departure and study programmes
  8. Language study programmes.

How to apply?

You can submit online application along with your CV through the website of USEFP. Keep it in mind, you no need to send your attested copies of documents from HEC along with your application. After confirmation of your selection you will have to send all attested copies of your documents along with the application. The other mandatory thing that you need to send along with application is you GRE test report. The eligible score for Fulbright scholarship is minimum 138 verbal and 136 for quantitative. After you selection and call for the interview, you need to register for TOFEL, you can take test as well after the interview.

You need to write two essays in which you require to describe a brief but strong and mandatory introduction of yourself as for example; who are you what are your ambitions/passions? What are your future goals that are you going to pursuit? The processes of scrutiny of your essay can take more than a month so you will have to be patient.

Three recommendation letters are also mandatory; these can be three academic letters or two academic and one professional, or one academic and two professional letters. After the application process you will receive a form via email before the deadline expires.

Interview is mandatory element

 In all this process interview is a compulsory element. Interviews are held in Islamabad   where two USEFP members and Pakistani scholars conduct them, but is not an easy task to qualify the interview. You will have to make all effort to impress the panel in any other case the panel has authority to reject you.