FSc Pre Engineering Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

One of the most notable decisions for the students to take is regarding the plan of future studies. After ten rigorous years of education, one is exposed now towards intermediate education. All the successful graduates at matriculation level are eligible for getting admission into various available intermediate programs. One of the most common known programs at intermediate level is F. Sc. Pre-Engineering as it is first step for becoming future engineers. This is the time when a child gets an attention of unprecedented nature because a key decision has to be undertaken which exposes them to a complete new environment. A child is transformed into an adult and has to take the responsibility of his future for the very first time. Hence, the two years going to be spend at college are key in ensuring a successful professional journey.

F. Sc. Pre-Engineering is a two years’ program in which its exam is conducted by regulatory body on annual basis, however, it is offered by various private and public sector colleges. F. Sc. Pre-Engineering is an abbreviation for Faculty of Sciences in Engineering. It is used to give basic knowledge and experience of sciences subjects. The combination of studies includes 7 different subjects which are divided into two years as 11th and 12th grades respectively. However, in both classes, 6 subjects are studied on annual basis, as one subject is replaced by the other in 12th class. Subjects taught by various colleges in F. Sc. Pre-Engineering includes the teaching of 3 compulsories and 3 optional subjects. The combination of subjects is as follows:

Compulsory subjects:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies / Pakistan Studies

Elective Subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

The elective subjects are also offered by virtue of the program as students don’t have choice to select any one or choose any other options except the one mentioned above. Once the program is fully completed, the students are able to apply in various universities across the country, however, the trend is of getting oneself enrolled at a specialized engineering university, nevertheless, there are many universities offering engineering degrees.

Eligibility Criteria / Admission Requirements:

All the colleges in Pakistan have different criteria based on their policies, procedures and quality of education. Leading colleges can include 85% to 90% results as their merit, while few of the institutions also offer admissions in F. Sc. Pre-Engineering at 50% marks at matriculation level. A basic eligibility criterion can be as follows:

  • At least 10 years or equivalent of education
  • Foreign students shall apply through Federal Ministry of Education
  • Ability to meet the merit of the institute applying for
  • Must had studied Mathematics at Matriculation level

The intake in the program is made available right after the matriculation exams as few of the leading colleges offer extra classes to students by charging a minimal fee. These facilities are often availed by the intelligent and high performing students as they are confident regarding their results and extra classes gives them an opportunity to run through the course in comparison to number of students who will be studying it 2 months later. Although, 30% to 40% of result awaiting students also apply for F. Sc. Pre-Engineering in various colleges across the country.

Future of F. Sc. Pre-Engineering Students:

Engineering is highly recognized, respected and well paid profession in Pakistan. More importantly, it is a rich profession in terms of job opportunities. Pakistan has a lot of prospects of engineering projects but there is intense need of intellectuals in this profession that are well-trained and creative. Not only in Pakistan but engineers have a great future in foreign countries too, the availability of jobs in Middle Eastern and European countries for engineers are huge. It is rated second best profession at a global level for living up a healthy and successful life.
The professional careers that can be opted by the students are; Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Space Engineering and Meteorological Engineering. We hope that all the questions of students related to F. Sc. Pre-Engineering have been discussed, for further information, we would request all aspirants to reach us.

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