Few tips/activities for kids during the lockdown

Where the lockdown is a time for introspection for the adults it is a great opportunity for kids to grow their mental capabilities. It is a time when we are restricted and limited to our homes. Some outgoing and sporty children might find it monotonous and boring whereas others may find it quite a cultivating time for their efforts.

Understanding the relationships at home:

The kids can foster loving and caring relationships with their siblings and parents by offering their help in everything they do. They can realize that relationships are the base of the human community. This will improve their sense of empathy and make them a responsible member of the family.

Healthy Competition with siblings:

The kids always grow in a healthy competition with their siblings. The parents can assign different kinds of tasks and the kids may strive to accomplish them. Every kid is unique and his peculiarity is shown through his approach, perspective and vision of things around him. So every kid is a combination of a different set of qualities. Making them realize that they are special in their own way is important.

Improving Kids’ Self-Esteem:

Assigning a task to a kid elevates the accountability factor in him and on the achievement of the task, the applause works like wonder. This will overall improve the self-esteem in kids as they strive to become better versions of themselves. Motivating the kids to be more curious while their learning process continues to develop their minds is essential.

Some Possible  Activities for Kids:

You can easily inspire your kids to avail of this precious period to develop themselves healthily and constructively. Following are some listed activities for kids during this lockdown time when even elders get bored:

  1. Painting and sketching improves the creative abilities. Playing with colours improves the aesthetic sense and is also a great stress-reliever in this turmoil of lockdown.
  2. Reading quality story books can help your child’s mind and imagination develop exponentially. They must be encouraged to improve their reading habit and learn more words of new vocabulary.
  3. They can watch informative documentaries and animated movies as per their interest. Kids interested in the scientific approach can watch scientific movies. This will improve their English listening and understanding capability.
  4. They can practice mental Mathematics by asking and answering various questions about daily life billing etc.
  5. They can play various board games like monopoly, uno, chess and, ludo. Playing chess will improve their strategic mind and helps them analyze what is going to happen next in the game.
  6. Helping the elders in the household by cleaning their rooms also is a great activity. It teaches them self-discipline and self-sufficiency.
  7. Kids can further listen to some rhymes or poems to stay calm and relaxed in this time of disruption and great uncertainty. Listening to good and clean music will soothe their minds and their memory will be improved.
  8. Kids can focus on eating a healthy diet while researching the benefits of milk, honey and other essential ingredients of their diet.
  9. Kids can arrange their wardrobes and clean their messy cupboards which will give them a serene feeling and they will be organized consequently.
  10. They can write stories and poems creatively. This will exponentially elevate their creativity and cognitive skills. Expressing themselves is extremely important in a state of chaos and fear. They should continue to believe in themselves without any doubt.


As elders, we must guide our kids so that they grow up to be liable and responsible citizens by instructing them on the right path. Religious prophet stories are a great source of information for kids of any age. The parents can understand each kid’s uniqueness and polish his skills in a new direction. Hence, through this article kids can learn to be more confident, knowledgeable and trustworthy beings.