FA Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Intermediate is one the most important education level in the country. It is a situation in which for the first time students have the right to make their own choices. The decisions of such nature are mostly taken by parents in our culture, however, the educational upbringing has caused certain changes in its ecosystem. Few of the parents are active listeners and encourage their children to opt for a future study of their own choice. One of the most neglected programs at intermediate level is F.A. The full form of F.A is known as Faculty of Arts, however, it is still highly popularized program.

F.A is considered as lowest priorities among the students as the usual perception regarding the program is students who pass out matriculation at a struggling level are the ones who get interested in enrolling themselves in it. Even when a student puts up his choice of selecting F.A as his/her intermediate education, a lot of reluctant attitude is shown by the stakeholders of society. This is also a primary reason of students not being able to explain their decision of choosing F.A as their choice. However, the importance of program is often ignored by many as it can result in making one an artist, lawyer, psychiatrist, journalist, politician, musician, historian, mathematician, philosopher, government officer and even a business professional.

Subjects of F.A

The subjects taught in F.A are English, Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. English and Urdu remain in first year and second year but Pakistan Studies is replaced with Islamic Studies in second year. In addition to that, there more elective subjects are to be selected by students including a variety of subjects. One has such huge choice that they should give priority to their areas of interest. If any of the students is motivated to sit in competitive examinations of CSS or PMS, then this is the point where this decision has to be made by the students of selecting relevant subjects. The list of few popular subjects include Statistics, Advanced Urdu, Civics, Geography, Persian, Physical Education, Indo-Pak History, Arabic, World History, French, Music, Education, Islamic History, Mathematics, Psychology, English Literature, Philosophy, Islamic Studies, Economics, Fine Arts and Computer Sciences.

F.A. General Science

F.A is also offered in a different combination with the name of F.A General Science in which a combination of subjects is offered that includes sciences subjects as well. It includes compulsory subjects as English, Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. Although, four different options are available for the students including Mathematics, Statistics and Economics; Mathematics, Economics and Computer Sciences; Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences and lastly, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Statistics. It also offers a wide range of opportunities for higher education along with decent professions to pursue in the future.

Eligibility Criteria:

F.A and F.A General Science is offered by numerous private and public sector colleges but the eligibility is different from one college to the other, however, a basic criteria can be as follow:

  • A student must have qualified matriculation or possess equivalent qualification
  • The fulfillment of merit criteria as per the college

Future scope of F.A and F.A. General Science

The ultimate objective shall not be primarily getting F.A but one shall at least acquire bachelor’s degree for pursuing a successful career. One of the best things associated with F.A is that allows flexibility to students in comparison to all other programs which to certain extent decides the professional career of students. An F.A pass out can enter various professions and fields. However, a fresh F.A graduate can also earn a job including clerical jobs, data entry operator, personal assistants, cashier and marketing jobs. Whereas, numerous available higher education degrees after F.A and F.A General science are as follows:

  • B.A / B. Sc. in any of the subjects (English, Urdu, Physics etc.)
  • BS Computer Sciences
  • B. Sc. Economics
  • B. Com
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor’s in Mass Communication
  • LLB (Bachelor’s in Law)

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