Exercises for Healthy Brain

The exercises are not only recommended to keep the body healthy but the brain also needs to work out in order to work in a proper and healthy manner. The healthy brain helps a person to process the situations properly however unhealthy mental activities lead to several disorders and diseases. The workouts for the brain help to develop better memory, positive approach and better problem-solving attitude. These exercises for the brain will keep you mentally fit and healthy.

It is a great need of time that we start giving equal importance to physical and mental health. The psychological growth and development of a person have great significance. Here we are not asking you to lift weights and dumbbells on your head or stand or arms upside down but to exercise by using the helpful tips. The workout for the brain, however, will help you in academics and practical fields as well.

  1. The Sharp Memory

It is one of the most common problems that we forget things very easily whether it is the lesson of class or the list of tasks assigned. Now you can work out an exercise to sharpen your memory. The exercise is called “Recall”. It is very easy. Make a list comprising 8 t0 10 items of names. It can be the names of your favorite players or the grocery items or anything else. Read the list carefully 5-6 times. Now indulge yourself another her activity for an hour.

After one hour take out a paper and a pen and try to recall the complete list. the exercise will help the brain to become habitual of remembering. Gradually increase the level of difficulty by increases the number of things in the list.

  1. Learn in Rhythm

The brain gets bored with the simple narrations but it keeps the words in rhythm stored longer durations. We remember the poems we learnt in primary school and the songs we heard years ago because the brain responds to the rhythm more. So if you want to memorize something important for an exam which you keep forgetting such as a formula or a key phrase give it a rhythm and keep singing it. It sounds funny but it actually works. However, a better mental workout is learning to play an instrument. The finger movements on an instrument along with the mouth movements help the brain to learn coordination. So now you can learn to play an instrument for sharpening your brain.

  1. The Calculation game

Mathematics is one of the most difficult and disliked subject of mostly students. So if you are sick of doing mathematics let’s play with it. The mathematic calculations actually help our brain to develop better senses for problem solving and conflict resolution.

Now do not think of it as a hectic exercise. You do not need a paper, pen or a calculator for it, all you need is your brain. Try simple sums such as 20 + 20 and calculate it in your mind. Keep making it harder and trick your mind. You can also play it with your friends and siblings the trick will help you do better mathematics manually but it will leave long term betterment to your brain as well.

  1. So what’s cooking?

The brain is a complex organ which functions in the manners mostly beyond the understanding of common people. The activities which involve more than and two senses help the brain to work better. The example of cooking is the best activity. It incorporates almost all of the senses such as touching, smelling, hearing, talking and tasting. This fun exercise is actually not only providing food to your belly to food for the brain as well.

Other creative activities such as painting or other works of art also help in better working of the brain.

  1. Learn a New Language

When we hear people speaking in a language we do not understand we find it funny and amusing at the same time.  our brain is just like us and it gets bored with monotony and same patterns. By learning a new language you refresh your brain and gift it the present of new patterns to work on. So learn a new Language. In Pakistan learning Chinese will also benefit you because of economic and friendly relations with the neighboring state. However, you can choose to learn any new language to help your brain function better and sharper.