Every Child Is Amazing


By Mahjabeen Malik

Our children are the greatest blessings of Allah Almighty.The birth of a child is one of the most cherished moments of a person’s life. The little one is given a beautiful name by the name and the parents take an oath to give all the love, nourishment and warmth to the child. The time flies the days change into weeks and weeks change into months and years. The child starts growing up and starts to learn step by step from the surroundings especially the parents.

The parents have to perform the most careful and constructed role in the life of children. We live in a society where a child starts facing the pressures of life early. The schooling of the children now starts in Pakistan at the age of two to three years old. Preschools have become a rising trend. On the one hand, the schools help the child to learn and interact with others then, on the other hand, the pressures start to build on both the children and parents.

The obsession to have the perfect child with all the set of skills somehow already installed in them is the root cause of the destruction of natural human behaviour. The society has begun to judge the abilities of children based on grades and positions in the school which should only be acceptable partially as the abilities are not limited to academics and school.

The parents in their concern to help their children have a better future sometimes drag them into unnecessary hard work and mental pressure. The empty playgrounds are a common sight. It has become a rare site to see children playing in the mud, cycling in the streets and planning naughty activities with their friends. The children have such a busy schedule at the primary school level too that they seldom have time for any other activity. The worst part of the story is that staying away from outdoor activities for long the children now take interest in only indoor activities and spend the free time on video games and phones.

It is a high time to realize that mental growth does not only depend upon academic books and the organized activities. The brain needs a space to experiment and learn by personal experiences. The informal interactions, conflicts, fights and sports help the children to become more vigilant in the different phases of life.

The parents must understand the abilities which are being created in the child. All children are not meant to be doctors, engineers and scientists. The world is full of scope if the right ability and skill are polished.

It is always good to help your children in their studies but there is a great need for creating balance. While you are teaching them to be disciplined in life you must also find a space where they can do whatever they want. The contemporary practices are restricting the mental growth of the children at the full potential. So while planning the schedule for your children make sure they have time for themselves.

Allow the children to play outside, however, the parents are concern about security but the outdoor activities are very important. Allow them to make friends by themselves give them a little freedom of choice so that they don’t completely become dependent on you.

Life is the greatest gift of Allah let the children cherish it to the fullest. It is high time that we stop judging children based on their grades and appearances. The children have great potential so help them to find the right direction with a balanced life.