Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

By Khalid Irshad Soofi

Instagram facilitates its users to interact with each other on a universal level. Users can easily share their photos, videos and stories through this platform of social media. Instagram also provides an opportunity for its users to see any profile they like without having informed their followers.

When a user clicks like or comments on any post on Instagram then the accounts following the audience can see the user’s engagement with the post. You can find this interaction by clicking on the bottom menu of the Instagram mobile phone under the “Following Tab”.

Generally, people ask the question: does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

The answer to that question in simple words is no. It does not notify a user if their story was screenshot by another account. The previous version of the app had this feature. But Instagram had deleted this facility. Instagram does not notify the users, it allows taking a screenshot of any Instagram storey unknowingly. Instagram hides to notify a user if their story was screenshot by another account when it publishes it.


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Like many followers, you have as much your story will be seen. And it enables users to see the story posted on an individual or company account. It provides an opportunity to view all users who viewed it. Users are offered to see the actions taken based upon the story. For instance, Instagram gives insight into the number of users viewed your profile. You also come to know about the strength of followers gained by the specific story.

Keep in mind, such insights will only be available for business accounts and range from story insights, photo insights and video insights.

Though Instagram keeps many action secret there are a few that are exposed. As once a user reads a direct message the other user of the message will see they have seen it.

Instagram saves screenshots name while publishing it. You can find the description in your app store and it also highlights the entire new characteristic of the update.

The feature of notifying users by Instagram has been resumed

Previously, Instagram has stopped notifying users when other users took screenshots of their story but recently it has resumed its feature of notifying users. Now users will be able to receive notifications once again. They will be notified when someone will take a screenshot of their pictures in the inbox.

First time in February 2018, Instagram had introduced screenshot notifications which offered users the facility to see who took screenshots of their stories. But the Instagram had stopped the feature in June 2018. And the users were deprived to see the notifications while other user took the screenshots of their stories. Recently, it is being listened by many users that Instagram screenshots notifications have been resumed. Now again users will be enabled to see the notifications.

Now you will be able to see who has taken a screenshot via notification. If you ask them to save it while sending your message directly to a person. They will save it and take a screenshot thus you will receive a notification.

How to View image on Twitter

There is no doubt that Instagram will alert you when your screenshot photos are viewed by the other people. Twitter Ads info and privacy Additionally, when you send that screenshot to someone else, you will notice a little windmill icon beside the image you shared, implying the person received a notification about it.

The latest change must be noted as it does not apply to screenshots of photos posted in Stories, but Instagram could add this change to Stories as well at some point. Instagram’s horizontal feed blunder Instagram has introduced horizontal feeds firstly and then after a few years later, removed it quickly because of a massive clamour of the public.  The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri tweeted that the horizontal feed was “a small test” that “went broader than we anticipated.”

A grand year for Instagram

2018 was a grand year for Instagram. The platform of Instagram reached more than one million monthly active users on the back of the increasing popularity of Instagram Stories. Even though Instagram Stories is akin to a feature previously introduced by Snapchat, Instagram’s version of the feature has twice as many daily users as Snapchat’s.

Around 400 million stories are uploaded on Instagram daily. A big reason for the success of Instagram Stories is the association of brands with it. Most of its viewers are brands.

Due to such features, Instagram has emerged as one of Facebook’s biggest assets. Moreover, the photo-sharing platform is expected to contribute 70% of Facebook’s net profits by 2020.


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