COVID – 19 website launched by a Pakistani intellect

The situation of corona virus in the entire globe has worsened the economies be it small or large. The people at large are not aware of the real time information and tend to get distracted by the conspiracies. Although, there is a platform that has now been created to solve all those queries with facilitating the general public. An intellect from the Pakistani society, Mr. Bilal Shah has launched a COVID – 19 updates website, it entails all the details with respect to the news and updates of corona virus. The unique aspect that it carries is that it provides information not only on Pakistan but on the entire world.

The website can be accessed using and it has multiple tabs with information on the current latest information, protection techniques, treatments available, vaccines, research, conspiracies and separate lists for the entire world along with Pakistan. The website presents the information on effected people, number of deaths and number of recovered people. The analytics are also shown using world map with effected regions in red color. We advise all the people to keep visiting the website as there are no other global platforms of such nature.