Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico


    By Khalid Irshad Soofi

The world is so vast and unique as there are many amazing places that human mind gets enchanted looking at them. Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico is such an amazing spot to be visited there. You can enjoy walking close enough to see them and many brave and adventurous natured people go inside of these cliffs even. Visitors enjoy visiting there because the place is quite economical as it offers free guides or if someone purchase guide on rent he has to pay just $1. 

Whenever you plan a trip at Cliff Dwellings, you need to have plenty of time for enjoying tram ride. Select good and comfortable easy wear shoes and don’t forget bringing water-bottle, hat, sunscreen, etc along with you. You should be ready to climb the ladders. Spend some extra time to enjoy visiting the parks, gift-shops because the tram is also available in the park.


Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico is a national historic monument and the native home of renowned of Santa Clara Pueblo. People consider it a spiritual place on earth.  

New Mexico is famous for an awe-inspiring cultural and artistically designed cliff and cave dwellings, an amazing perspective of the beautiful valley and architecture of Pueblo. 

Whenever you travel to Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico, read the directions below:

 From Santa Fe take St. Francis Drive (US-285 ) North, take hwy 502W toward Los Alamos. After about 5 mins, you will cross over the Rio Grande River) Then, turn right onto NM-30/Los Alamos hwy. You’ll see signs to the Puye Cliffs and you can purchase the tickets from the Gift Shop. 

 The dwellings can only be accessed with a Native guide to protecting them. There are some steep climbs on some tours. Bring water. Call or check the website for schedule changes and ceremonial closures. Open Thanksgiving. Closed Christmas Day.

 Cost:  All Children 5 and under FREE.

The division of cost is according to the age of children. Cliff Side Dwellings Tour/Mesa Top Tour (1 Hour Tour) Adult cost:$20+tx. Seniors or Children 14 years of age and under:$18.

Adventure Tour (Two-Hour Tour): Adult’s cost: $35. Seniors or Children 14 years of age and under cost,$33. 

You can enjoy many amazing things doing in Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico. For example, bike trails, Indian Pueblos, museums, shopping, skiing, spa, tours, historic sites, Indian markets, classes and workshops, road trips, golf courses, river rafting and many more things to do.

There are many fun activities to do for family and children. A host of things are free for children of five years old and under the age of five.

Night-life is also a charming activity to do for young people. People spend their nights in restaurants where they enjoy listening to cool music, hip cocktails and hot places to see the sunset and relax after hours are all part of Santa Fe’s exciting nightlife scene.


Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico are the loveliest places containing the historical background with rich cultural heritage. I would like to recommend families to visit Cliff Dwellings near Santa Fe New Mexico because it is the places where someone can enjoy and learns many things from its historic background but remember don’t forget to get a guide for the guidance.

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