Career Counseling as Career

Have you ever thought of becoming a career counsellor? If not, we would highly recommend that you must think about it seriously. In fact, a career or counsellor helps others who are searching for a job. It is not difficult to start your career as a career counsellor after the following tips devised by our expert panel. Once you read that article with keen concentration it will no more be difficult for you to choose career councilling as an ultimate job:

What does a career counsellor do?

The career counsellor is somewhat a psychologist who usually tests three basic factors in a candidate and then guide him or her according to the observations made by him. He must check for the aptitude, interest and personality traits. These aspects would definitely help him judge the inclination of a candidate towards a specific field or branch of knowledge. All these factors also have a direct effect upon the career of a person and successful student. We must tell you that with an increase in the number of educational categories and opportunities, the importance of career counselling has also increased to a great extent.

Professional career counsellors are skilled at helping their clients understand which jobs work best with certain degrees as well as with certain personality characteristics. Many vocational counsellors work directly with schools or government agencies; however, some manage their own professional offices.

Who can seek career advice other than students?

As mentioned above in most cases the career advice is sought by recent graduates or job seekers who have never looked or tried anything like that before.

However, a vocational counsellor is also responsible for providing guidance to injured workers and their employers. One evaluates an injured employee’s options as he or she tries to return to work, which may include job changes or occupational modifications. These counsellors are part of the team of professionals who help others return to work after a work-related injury.

The counsellor will interview his or her client so that he or she has a full understanding of the client’s skills, interests, experience, and education. Counsellors often use aptitude or achievement tests as well as occupational preference tests as a way to provide a more comprehensive picture of the right occupation for their clients. Counsellors will often be the very necessary link between a job seeker and potential employers.

How to become a career counsellor?

If you are interested in a career as a vocational or career counsellor, you should study either psychology or sociology as you attain your college degree. While a Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to apply for a vocational counselling aid position in countries like Pakistan; though most vocational counsellors have a Master’s degree in counselling or a related discipline, as that is typically the requirement for this job.

As you consider your career objectives, it may be helpful to offer to volunteer as a counsellor at a local camp. There many different jobs available to those who hold a vocational counselling degree, of which, working with children is one. It might be helpful to volunteer at a local community centre as well. These community centres offer programs for both teenagers and adults, which may provide an opportunity for you to discover what part of the population you would like to work with.

Another valuable volunteering opportunity is in one of the schools in your local school system’s guidance department. While you may be doing busy-work in the beginning, you will have a great perspective to learn what a vocational counsellor does in a school environment. A guidance counsellor may be able to give you the knowledge you need to know what type of vocational counsellor you hope to be.

We are very much sure that the above guidelines would prove to be more than helpful for you with regards to choice of career counselling as a bright future.