BCS Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Computer Sciences has a huge scope in every aspect of our modern day lives. The way we work, live, walk, eat and do all other actions has been transformed or it would not be wrong to say, in fact has been revolutionized by information technology. This information technology has been brought by specialists of computer sciences and in order to become one of these specialists, one has to study a Bachelor degree program of Computer Sciences. It is known with the name of BS CS and BCS, one being referred as Bachelors of Computer Sciences and other as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Both are just different names, whereas, degree and all its associated areas are identical.

BS Computer Sciences helps the students in exploring conceptual grounds of computer sciences including algorithms, programming languages and learning development. The curriculum is rich with deep knowledge and broad skills associated with modernized software and hardware concepts. In addition to that, students have a vast set of electives to choose as their areas of specialization. It is a four years’ degree program including eight semesters in which exams are conducted at the end of each semester. Students in BS CS have an option to select as minimum as three courses in a semester and as maximum as 6 courses per semester.

Eligibility Criteria:

Almost all the public and private sector universities offer a bachelor degree of computer sciences but the generally acceptable criteria are as follows:

  • Passing intermediate examination with at least 50% of marks
  • No third division in any of the subjects during matriculation or intermediate
  • Passing out mathematics or intermediate with mathematics subject
  • Securing at least a minimum of 50% marks in the admission test

Specializations in BS CS

BS CS has multiple specializations which are being offered during the last year, however, the students had developed a general idea, therefore, based on their interest and desire; any possible specialization can be opted which are as follows:

  • Computer and Network Security
  • Mobile and Web Computing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Software Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Information Management and Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Scope of BS CS

It is the first professional degree in the country that has readymade graduates for the job market. There are multiple job opportunities that are available right after the graduation due to an increased environment of IT across the world and the nature of challenging tasks that are being performed during the degree. The most common question which is put up in the front of teachers is regarding the scope which is determined by the number of jobs that are vacant in the external market. Computer Sciences has a number of inter-related fields, such as, programming language, software development and hardware maintenance, procurement and repairing works. These all fields have specialized jobs and the trend of BS CS is also increasing among females.

Degrees or Education after BS CS

Once the bachelor degree has been completed, the students based on their interest can either pursue any master degree or even go for a diploma as per their area of interest. The diplomas which can be pursued by the fresh graduates after gaining a bit of experience can be as follows:

  • Application Analyst
  • Cyber Security
  • Database Management
  • Forensic Data Analysis
  • Games Development and Analysis

Although, master degree is not encouraged in the field of computer sciences because there are multiple job opportunities which doesn’t demand master degree as in other professions. Interestingly, some of the graduates also study MBA for achieving success in their professional lives as it helps them in understanding the business and its needs. In addition to that, there are a lot of freelance opportunities as well but few of the master degree which can be opted are mentioned below:

  • Master of Computer Sciences
  • Master of Data Sciences
  • Master of Software Engineering
  • Master of Data Analytics
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Master of Programming

Career options after BS CS

There are multiple jobs that are available in Pakistan right after the completion of degree. The best option for a fresh graduate is to look for an internship opportunity so that basic skills are further improved before securing a job. Nevertheless, there are still numerous jobs that are available in IT companies, software houses and in IT Departments of many organizations. The jobs for which fresh graduates are eligible and can apply without a delay are mentioned below:

  • Software Developer
  • Website Designer and Developer
  • Network Officer
  • System Officer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Language Developer
  • Lab Instructor
  • Lecturer / Teacher

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