Bachelors Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Once the students have successfully completed intermediate education, they are eligible for taking admission into various universities. However, the desire, choices, merit and selection of university are critical factors that decides the option of choosing an appropriate degree. Intermediate examination is one of the key exams in this country and admissions in various universities of the country are given on the basis of it. May it be leading university of any province, city or region, they all are dependent on the results of intermediate. On the other end, students that have foreign qualification or qualified by Cambridge in A levels also require an equivalence certificate from their respective educational board.

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Students become highly excited as university education is a life in itself. The excitement is huge in comparison to two years earlier what they had at the time of entering their respective colleges. This is the most important step in the educational ladder as it decides the future profession of an individual. The future lives are shaped up by the choices one makes at this level. Learning and development in university are vital causes of achieving success in the external job market. After studying for twelve constant years, one is eligible for getting admission into university of his or her own choice. Students generally celebrate after tasting success in intermediate and it is important to celebrate success. But one doesn’t need to forget the next moment in which an important decision has to be taken regarding the selection of an appropriate program of study.

The programs in which students can apply are undergraduate programs that are known as Bachelor program. It is also known as four years’ honors program, all the programs of study at this level are taught based on semester system over the course of four years. Examinations are conducted by universities themselves at the end of every semester, whereas, two different exams are conducted known as mid-term and final term. It is often difficult for the students that which program should they opt and which can be a better option for themselves. Few of the students already have their future plans well established but others need some guidance on the same. Therefore, let us look the programs that are generally offered by all private and public sector institutes and are associated with decent professional careers.


Bachelor of Arts degree is known as BA, it is a four years’ honors degree program in the fields of humanities, social sciences or liberal arts. These programs are commonly offered at all public sector institutes, whereas, few of the private sector institutes are now also offering the same. This program is again perceived to be a best option for the ones who want to pursue their careers in education. It can be recognized as true but it is not primarily for those individuals. People who want to pursue their careers as sociologists, anthropologists, writers, communication specialists, journalists can also opt for such programs. BA is available in various humanities and arts subjects. It is a highly appealing program due to its well-rounded and broad approach.


Computer Sciences has been an emerging field since last three decades and it is of no difference even in the current environment. One of the most interested educations pursued by students themselves is Bachelors of Computer Sciences. It is known generally with the name of BCS or BS CS as both terms are being used for it. This degree helps in developing an understanding of the advanced level concepts of computer sciences as basic knowledge has been acquired during matriculation and intermediate level. The curriculum of this program is multi-faceted as it educates students regarding various disciplines within the field of computer sciences including development, programming, languages, servers and databases management etc. Like all other programs it is also a four years’ program divided into eight semesters. Due to its ever evolving nature, it has been among the trend since last twenty years and will continue to be so as the scope of such education is huge in the external job market.


Another popular program among the students in Pakistan is B.Com which is Bachelor of Commerce. The program is generally offered across the world in various commonwealth countries. It provides a range of commerce related subjects as it is primarily associated with development of a commerce professional. The courses which are being taught to the students are accounting, economics, statistics, commerce, business management, human resources and marketing. B.Com was previously offered in two different options as one was a two-year program and other was a four years’ honors program. However, recently two years’ program has been shut down as per the recommendations of HEC for bringing standardization among all the programs offered at university level. B.Com is termed as an initial point for professional accountants and most of the students after completing it opt an appropriate professional accounting qualification, such as, ACCA, CA, CAT, CIMA etc.


B. Ed stands for Bachelor of Education as it is one of the only remaining two years’ undergraduate program. It is a course that is one of the best choices for teachers of future. Individuals who want to pursue their careers in teaching and related fields can opt B. Ed. The program is usually offered by public sector institutes, however, due to the increasing numbers, few of the private sector universities also offer such programs either in their own name or by getting an affiliation from any public sector institute. The students that have science background are trained to teach subjects, such as, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, whereas, students with arts background can teach History, Civics, Geography and other languages including English, Urdu, Punjabi etc. Students after it can get a Master degree as well.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most commonly opted program after Intermediate. The degree serves as the purpose of becoming a business professional. In other words, it is often associated with becoming a businessman but students shall need to clarify their understanding that BBA is also a best option for becoming an HR, Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain professional. Specializations are offered in various fields and numerous soft skills are being taught during the course of this degree. The challenging curriculum and environment of BBA program helps the students in developing their professional and personal skills. Various courses related to business management, accounting, management and leadership are being taught by well experienced lecturers. Although, various universities have set their own eligibility criteria based on their quality and applications they receive every year.

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