BA Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is among one of the most common undergraduate program offered by various universities and affiliated colleges across the country. B.A degrees are offered in various fields including Liberal Arts, such as, humanities and social sciences. The duration of a B.A degree is four years’ as similar to all other university programs. It is available in two different streams depending upon the institute as it can be either annual based program or semester based program. B.A. is quite similar and even different from Bachelor of Science as the latter focuses in research and mathematical skills. B.A. degree is key in developing the abilities of students by imparting clear communication methods, critical analysis, theory generalizations and reaching own conclusions with logical reasoning. The degree is concluded by writing a thesis in relevant or desired field.

Bachelor of Arts is mainly awarded to students in the areas of Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Cultural Sciences and Linguistics but in few of the instances, Bachelor of Sciences can also be used. The students who are interested in B.A. programs can chose from a variety of programs that are available. All of these available programs are offered in English language and before starting any of these programs one has to have a basic knowledge of English. B.A degrees are also known as baccalaureate degree by some of the institutes. It is a standard degree for entering into many professional careers. The successful completion of B.A. degree can be a ticket for ensuring a promising professional career. One cannot attend any master degree if he/she doesn’t has a bachelor degree in the relevant field.

Programs available in B.A.

There are a variety of programs that are available in B.A. which are as follows:

  • B.A. English
  • B.A. Urdu
  • B.A. LLB
  • B.A. Physics
  • B.A. Chemistry
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. Islamic Studies
  • B.A. Pakistan Studies
  • B.A. Biology
  • B.A. Mathematics
  • B.A. Physical Education
  • B.A. History
  • B.A. Sociology
  • B.A. Anthropology
  • B.A. International Relations
  • B.A. Journalism
  • B.A. Communications

Eligibility Criteria

Students need to stand and pass through the eligibility criteria of these institutes, however, it can be different from one university to the other. Although, the general eligibility criteria of these institutes are as follows:

  • Minimum 50% of marks in intermediate and matriculation exams.
  • Minimum 50% to 60% marks in entrance test of the university applying for.
  • A total of 50% aggregate score as per the criterion of universities.

Features of B.A.

It is to be noted that no program can be better than the other. The Bachelor of Science program is often more associated with imparting hard skills, whereas, a B.A. program focuses more on soft skills. Students who are not having any set objective for their professional careers can opt for B.A. as it could be best program for them. Whereas, it offers multiple options of exploring one’s self interest.

Key questions to be asked before applying for a B.A. degree

Students often don’t have the required guidance and therefore, needs some basic questions to answer so that they can decide that which program is appropriate for them. In addition to that, if one has to opt a B.A. degree, the following set of questions can be asked before making a choice:

  • Does the selected program fulfill the need for desired profession?
  • Will my profession require any special degree and does this degree fulfills that need?
  • Can this degree be transferred into a master’s degree if I have to decide to further enhance my educational skills and qualification?
  • How much will it cost to obtain this degree and does it suits with my financial position?
  • If the program is in excess of my financial circumstances, is there any financial aid available?
  • Is the program based on semester system, annual or an accelerated program?
  • Does online education mean completely online or are there are on-campus requirements?
  • How much flexibility is there in the degree and does it match with the flexibility that I need?

Once these key questions are answered by oneself and if the answers are acceptable to himself/herself then the required program shall be opted. B.A. is one of the best programs for students as it can offer a variety of professions for all individuals willing to pursue it.

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