Aga Khan Board 9th Class Result 2022

Results announcement are just around the corner as it is the only announcement that students like to hear as soon as possible. On the other end, boards kept on delaying it for reaching a realistic situation and then informing the masses of results announcement date. Aga Khan Board 9th Class Result 2022 is the recent most key future deliverable of the board. Each student associated with the board is anxious to know not only about the schedule but declaration date as it is a vital stage in the educational lives of students. The results are mostly announced in the month of August or even sometimes in September. Once the results are declared, students passing out of 9th class are promoted to 10th class which initiates the countdown of school education. Hence, the delay in either of the process steps can cause a delay in the academic activities of the institutions, therefore, all the educational boards follow a similar procedure.

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Although, Aga Khan Board is one of the federal boards in country but it still sticks to the same plan as followed by other educational governing bodies. The date sheet, conduct of exams and results declaration is based on similar rules and regulations to the one announced by BIEK Karachi and other educational boards of Sindh. Practices of Aga Khan Board are quite similar to the two boards in Karachi, BIEK and BSEK as the headquarters of Aga Khan Board is in the same city. Aga Khan Board is managed by the authorities of Aga Khan University in Karachi. The board performs the responsibilities of a Federal Board in the former capital city. It has same functions which Federal Board has in Punjab; it could be said that it is the federal board for the province of Sindh.

Result of 9th Class 2022 Aga Khan Board

The board was formulated in a response to the demand made by the private schools for a more appropriate and competitive examination. Aga Khan Board came into being in August, 2003 under the ordinance of educational boards. The board is currently under the direct control of Federal Ministry of Education. The paper pattern and grading structure of the exams is different to all the other educational boards of Sindh. The board is responsible for conducting secondary and higher secondary education within its areas of jurisdiction. As mentioned above, the board functions similar to federal board in Punjab, therefore, Aga Khan Board has its jurisdiction over the entire province of Sindh.

Aga Khan Board is an autonomous body with the name of Aga Khan University at its back, hence, it is self-reliant body and doesn’t takes neither any sort of grant nor any funding from federal or even provincial governments. The board is famously known with the name of Aga Khan University Education Board (AKU-EB). The primary objective of the board is to make the examination system more reputable and competitive. The main reason of following a similar schedule is due to many multiple facts. Foremost reason of such is that most of the students of Aga Khan Board come from the urbanized segments of society which are quite familiar with the examination system of other educational boards.

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In spite of following similar schedule, Aga Khan Board has maintained its name of being more competitive in the province of Sindh as compared to all other education boards. Educationists are of the view that success of Aga Khan Board is due to its change in paper pattern and syllabi coverage. The questions in Aga Khan Board are more conceptualized rather than based on theory with stress on learning the English language rather than cramming few topics. This is being named as major reason that why Aga Khan Board students perform better in English examinations and have a high success rate of passing in entry tests of various universities. Nevertheless, the results announcement is just coming the way of students. One of the senior officials of the board has declared it unofficially that possible results declaration day may be released anytime soon on official website of the board followed by publication in all leading newspapers. However, due to large influx of students on the official website, sometimes, the webpage goes down, thus, our website can be the best resource for all the latest information related to Aga Khan Board.