8 Reasonable 660cc Cars Available in Pakistan

By Syed Mehdi Raza

Before going to buy your car, you must read my article as I have written about some good reasonable and affordable cars in Pakistan.There are 8 reasonable 660cc cars, available in Pakistan. These 660 cars are well-liked for being fuel-efficient, cheaper in price and easy to drive in opaque traffic situations. It is quite easy to maintain these small-sized cars and its spare parts are easily available. That is the reason people like to buy these economical cars. Anyone who has a budget of ten Lac rupees or even lesser than that can easily purchase these 660cc local as well as imported cars.

Here Are 8 of the Top Models in 660cc Cars;


  1. Suzuki Alto (Imported)

Suzuki Alto (Imported) has been one of the most popular small cars in Pakistan. 15-17 KM/L consuming an average fuel with power lock.

On the roads in Pakistan, this car is very suitable for driving. It also has airbags, air conditioner and other security measures.

The unique thing about this car is its auto transmission in only 10 Lacs price. It is one of the best quality cars of this type in Pakistan.


  1. Daihatsu Cuore

Coure is one of the best-imported cars in Pakistan. Its body has been designed beautifully and strikingly that attracts the buyers. Its price is very affordable for a common middle man.

About 8 to 10 lac rupees, all 4 models of this car are available with a tested fuel economy of about 23 KM/L on petrol. This car is equipped with basic features. It is easy to drive on Pakistani roads.

This car shows a powerful performance with five-speed manual transmission just on the three-cylinder engine. Like any other model of cars, it provides a safety measure to the owner and passengers of the car while driving on the roads.


  1. Honda N One

Honda N One is the 4th beautiful and most popular cars among the people of Pakistan. Its rounded headlights jointed with the trapezium grille and rectangular shape gives a complete distinctive styling to Honda N One. This is a front-engine key car that offers complete interior comfort to the passengers and reasonable fuel consumption of up to 20KM/L.

This is an automatic climate control car with power windows, power steering, power lock doors and four safety airbags. It possesses 0.66 Liter, DOHC 12 Valve 3-cylinder inline engine and a Gearbox of CVT Transmission.


  1. Suzuki WagonR

Now people prefer Suzuki WagonR instead of Suzuki Mehran because it is a family car. Now this car has come to the top list of selling in the market. This car has been equipped with all facilities that a car must be equipped with.

The fuel average of 19-20KM/L makes it an ideal car to have with an aggressive front design supported by the simple and natural back. It provides more head and leg space and gives more comfort than any other Suzuki mini rear door.


  1. Daihatsu Mira ES

Daihatsu Mira (ES) is also one of the most fashionable cars in Pakistan. It is also one of the Japanese import cars. This model of the car gives implausible fuel mileage up to 30KM/L. Its exterior designing is quite normal but its interior designing is awe-inspiring and facilitates the passengers with all latest needs.

Motorized by 660cc KF, DOHC 12 Valves and auto gear full meter handle, it is incorporated with modern controlling and safety features. The high fuel efficiency and better seating inside, this economy car fulfils the needs of average families in Pakistan.


  1. Honda N Box

Honda N Box is the sixth most popular car in Pakistan. It is also one of the best selling Japan’s cars. Its fuel consumption is also very normal. The average fuel consumption is up to 20KM/L. Its design is rectangular therefore only it is called ‘Box’.

This Box shape car contains plenty of space for a comfortable ride. This car looks sophisticated and stylish as well.


  1. Daihatsu Move

The Move has a large front bumper with a trapezium chrome grill and a rectangular air intake. It can provide fuel mileage from 23KM/L to 31KM/L depending upon the model.

The back displays houses piled vertical taillights and the standard features are air conditioning, smart assist system, cup holders, power steering, power lock doors and footing control.


  1. Suzuki Every Wagon

Suzuki Every Wagon is perfectly suitable for a big family. It has seven seats and has many inspiring features for the entertainment and the safety of the passengers. It can give fuel mileage up to 24KM/L.

Suzuki Every Wagon is the best comfortable car for a long drive. It has an Engine of 0.66 Liter SOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 and 5-Speed Manual Gearbox and priced between 10-11 Lac rupees.

These are the best 660cc Japanese imported cars you can buy in Pakistan. Nowadays I am also thinking about buying a car because of my family’s demand. Now it has become very tough for me to visit anywhere along with my five little kids and a wife. It is truly said, ”One must have one’s car to get about freely”.



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