7 Stunning International Scholarships for the Social Science Students

By Mahjabeen Malik

Dear aspirants, my today’s article is about the knowledge of 7 stunning worldwide/international scholarships for the seekers of studying social science.

Social science scholarships are bounteous for the students who have selected to study the features of human behaviour. Social science degrees offer a multidisciplinary analysis into various disciplines that are fixated on analyzing humanity’s impact on the world with the objective of making better the standard of the citizens in the universe.

The basic concern of social science is to study what makes the difference between human and hominoid; from anthropology and political science to sociology and economics from the different perspective.

The ex-student of social science programs is competent to open a diversity of in-demand career The Studies of Social Science is the door of multipal career options, such as market research analyst, social worker, public relations specialist, overseas service officer, case manager, teacher, human resources specialist, and more.

Dear students, if you are seeking for the opportunity of international scholarship for social science, read the list of the most fruitful scholarships accessible in the social science.

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Top 7 Scholarships for International Students in UK Universities 2019

It is a like golden treasure to get an opportunity to study abroad in the United Kingdom which is known as the abode of the best universities in the world. However the study cost is expensive in the UK, the fully funded or partial financial support is available for the eager aspirants for higher study in the UK. That is why the competition for obtaining scholarship is tough and sometimes student’s previous academic history is also taken into consideration. Even the students from EU can avail the same benefits and their academic history will also be taken into consideration when they will apply for scholarships. There will be no discrimination between the students from the UK and the students from the EU. The tuition fee charges will be the same for all international students.

Here is the list of seven best-known scholarship opportunities awarded every year for international students who want to study in the United Kingdom

  1. The Chevening Scholarships 

 The government of the UK offers these scholarships to individuals with excellent academic performance and leadership qualities.  British Embassies personally selects the aspirants of scholars from around the world. Financial aid is offered by the scholarship for the postgraduate level at any of the UK’s leading universities. Almost 1,500 Chevening Scholarships are awarded to international students every academic round.

  • Euraxess UK 

British Council offers Euraxess UK scholarship, its main objective is to support researchers in their career development support mobility and acting as a support structure for researchers moving around the world or to the UK.  Euraxess UK offers help, with the funding database providing an attractive source of funding opportunities.

  • The Commonwealth Scholarships 

In the UK (CSC), the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers scholarships and fellowships for those who desire to seek a Master’s or PhD and evolves professionally. The students coming from the Commonwealth countries are offered the scholarships each year.   every scholership includes tution fee traveling expanse frok homeland to UK, personal maintaining allowance, thesis grant (if applicable), initial arrival allowance, among others.

  • The Royal Society Grants 

The independent scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth is committed to encouraging to promote perfection in science, and thus, offers a prominent number of scholarships to talented and competent students. With the alliance of the Royal Society, many of the world’s most renowned scientists and the oldest scientific academy is in continuous survival.

Research Partnership for UK China for PhD Studies

 Allowances to benefactors the students of PhD and their benefactors from the UK and China to spend a period of study at higher education institutions in China or the UK. The UK and China Research alliance for PhD Studies aims to push for heightened research and innovation collaboration between the two countries resulting in long-term alliances.

6. Scholarships from British universities

In the UK, top universities also usually grant generous funding for international students, based on their previous academic achievements. Now you can check out the list of scholarships, my dear brilliant students. Read carefully the list of scholarships offered by the best universities in the UK, according to European Rankings in 2018:

  • University of Cambridge;
  • The University of Oxford;
  • Imperial College London;
  • King’s College London;
  •  London School of Economics and  Political Science (LSE);
  •  University College London.

7. The Global Study Awards 

Young people are encouraged to study abroad to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages by the partnership between Study portals, ISIC and British Council. A scholarship of 10,000 GBP is awarded twice a year to two future international students determined to augment their intercultural understanding and to bring a positive change to their society for the betterment.

Including our alliance universities, many other universities in the UK are offering study scholarships to international students. Some examples are: 

   University of Birmingham 

  A wide range of scholarship for each geographical region is awarded by the University of Birmingham.

  The University of the West of Scotland 

Discipline-related scholarships and 120 “limited edition” Anniversary Scholarships (£1,500) is offered to students (who have achieved academic excellence) by the University of the West of Scotland.

Glasgow Caledonian University 

A guaranteed scholarship of £1,000 for full-time self-funded students, merit-based country scholarships, and alumni scholarships is offered by Glasgow Caledonian University 

Dear students if your academic history matches the application criteria, don’t be reluctant to apply for the international scholarships. You should never miss the opportunity of international scholarships to study abroad for you better future so keep on searching scholarships on the internet. Remember that to get a great scholarship you need to have an equally great scholarship application essay.