6 Most Famous Restaurants for Wine Food Tour in Rome

By Mahjabeen Malik

Whenever you visit Italy, don’t forget to visit Rome. Rome is the Capital of Italy and is famous for delicious wine food. Wealthy people around the world make a wine food tour in Rome on vacation and they enjoy a lot. If someone visits there for the first time, he can easily hire the services of expert guides to get about without restraint. The evening is the best time for a wine food tour in Rome.

 History of Winemaking:

The tradition of winemaking in the Italian peninsula is more than 2,000 years old. From the Romans to the Popes, to present-day wine bars, have been kept shifting.

Though indeed, winemaking did not begin in Rome yet its quality was improved by the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman Empire gave attention to winemaking techniques to make the quality of the wine better. Even today the ancient Roman techniques are used in winemaking around the world through these techniques have been developed to a greater extent. Now wine can be preserved in bottles and other containers for long period.

Winemaking techniques developed during the Empire of Ancient Greeks in 800 BC, in Tuscany. Winemaking in Rome reached its peak until the end of the 2nd Century. However, many vast cru vineyards were established. According to estimation people in Rome were consuming 180 million litres of wine annually.

 Mouth-Watering Wine Foods and Drinks:

Roaming on the road is a marvellous thing in Rome. Delicious and mouth-watering wine foods and drinks are available on all hotels and restaurants.

Borgia stairs, San Pietro in Vincoli church, Santa Maria ai Monti church and much more are the worth-mentioning places where natives and outsiders can enjoy. This area is distinguished for being an almost exclusively Roman neighbourhood.

Art and cuisine of Rome:

It is difficult to compare art and cuisine; both art and cookery of Rome are equal.

Guides help newcomers tasting wine food and drink while illustrating the ingredients of each wine region along with the possible food pairings.

People get pleasure from a variety of street foods, such as zucchini flowers, suppli, pastries, and pizza.

Tourist attractions Street food tasting tour in Rome Sample some of the Eternal

City’s favourite street food fastens. With many traditional foods, suppli, pizza, and pastries are the best foods in Rome. While strolling through the lanes of this ancient city, people remain struck by seeing some eye-catching views. Campo de Fiori is one of Rome’s renowned market squares wherefrom the tourists can hire a guide and meet some of the food salespeople at their market stalls.

There are 6 most famous restaurants for a wine food tour in Rome.

1. Roman trattoria 

Master Sommelier Marco is famous for 6 top-quality wines and 6 classic Italian dishes. This wine tasting dinner is unique from the rest of foods; Use of wines enhances its taste. Dinners take place at Roman trattoria just outside of Trastevere.

2.     Enjoy Rome

Enjoy Rome is a small tour company that offers art, food and wine to the tourists. The “Caravaggio and Wine Tasting Walking Tour” is a 3-hour wine tasting and walking tour of Rome’s momentous centre. It launches in Piazza del Popolo and the church of St. Maria del Popolo where two famous paintings by Caravaggio are hanging. Here tourists know about the Eternal City just a little bit better.

3.     Rome Tasting

In a local wine bar with history, Rome tasting is the short wine and food tasting that is situated in the wines and foods of the Lazio region. Be guided as you try a glass of Bellone, Frascati Superiore, and Nero Buona paired with regional cheeses and dried meats.

4.     Katie Parla

Katie Parla is the one-woman food-and-beverage Rome show. Katie Parla offers wine tastings to small groups of people. The 2 standard wine tastings that Katie offers are “Introduction to Italian Wines” and “Natural Wines.”  It gives every individual a sense of bravery to venture in the vast world of Italy and wine food.

5.     Roscioli

Roscioli is the best visiting place in the evening for wine food and drinks in Rome. Wine tastings are held in another location 300m from them at Via del Conservatorio 58 at Rimessa Roscioli. Eight wines, picked by the sommelier, are balancing with cheeses, meats, and even dessert from the Roscioli kitchen.

6. Vino Roma

Vino Roma is the wine tasting place in Rome for the visitors. Vino Roma has 3 types of wine tasting packages to gratify everyone. On sparkling Saturday visitors walk through the varied and amazing world of sparkling Italian wines; and “Wine & Cheese Lunch” pairs great Italian wines with great Italian meats, cheeses and pieces of bread.

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