25 educational centers approved for Gwadar

Quetta, Government has approved twenty five center for non-formal and ten for adult education in remote areas of the region, Obaidullah Baloch Gwadar Literacy Officer said.

He also said, for the increase in the literacy rate in the Gwadar at the provincial level steps have been taken and 311 schools in the districts are playing big role in the education sector development with all the measurements and standard operating procedure sops of anti-coronavirus.

All the security measurement were taken in the association with Gwadar and Education Department and district Health Department for the continuity of educational activities, said by Obaidullah Baloch.

He further explained that, all the rules and regulations of coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed under the administration of Zakira Baloch Master Trainer for the teachers in all non-format and adult educational centers in Gwadar district.