12th Class Date Sheet 2020

The intermediate level is one of the most important educational levels for the students. The level is known with the name of Higher Secondary School (HSS) and the students successfully passing it are eligible for acquiring Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC). It is conducted with uniformity all across the country and regulated through various educational boards. The examination of the 12th class marks the completion of the intermediate level. The examination for intermediate level is usually conducted during the months of May and June. However, the 12th class date sheet 2020 is about to be released soon. The excitement and awareness in the country for the date sheet is no less than a suspense thriller movie which is long-awaited not only by the students but equally by teachers and parents of the students.

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BISEs Boards 12th Class Date Sheet 2020

The conduct of examination is completed on similar grounds as it was years ago. The procedures laid down by the provincial headquarters; Punjab Board, Sindh Board, Balochistan Board, KP Board, and AJK Board are followed religiously by all the boards under their jurisdiction. A similar protocol under the banner of the Federal Ministry of Education, Aga Khan Board and Federal Board operate as they are the only Federal Boards managed directly by Islamabad’s authorities. The examination system between federal boards and all other boards is different but there is hardly any difference observed in the date sheet or exam’s conduction protocols. The stakes during the date sheets and its announcement are very high, the primary reason is that students are expecting a date sheet of their own choice. On the other end, institutes are looking for date sheets that were made by themselves so that they can float the idea of being an expert but usually these date sheets are much anticipated as there are hardly any changes in comparison to the previous year.

There are certain speculations regarding the announcements of date sheets as it is not being done yet. Certain communities have floated the idea of changing the date sheets or shifting the timings of the papers as usually one student who has morning papers then has only morning papers. These changes are being suggested to make the examination system more competitive, however, the time remaining for the date sheets announcement is too short and therefore, no such change can be expected from any of the educational boards. The boards clearly state that if there is any huge or change in conventional approaches of the examination system, it shall be informed prior to the start of the academic year. From this, it can be concluded that the change must be welcoming but it can’t be practiced for the current year, however, for next year’s date sheet, it can be considered.

12th Class Date Sheet 2020 Bise Board

Few of the recommendations have also suggested incorporating a few of the practices from Federal Boards by making the paper patterns more competitive. One of the board had raised its concerns in a manner that students are scoring as much as never before marks in matriculation and intermediate, and this has to stop somewhere until a time comes when obtained marks will exceed the total marks. Similar sorts of practices were suggested for matriculation exams by replicating the globally competitive systems of O Levels and A Levels. The recommendations were welcomed but it was decided mutually that due to a shortage of time, no such suggestions can be entertained, nevertheless, these are welcoming changes and can be included in thought process for the next year.

Contrary to that, the key highlight remained by all the boards was that discussions at length will be required to reach a jointly agreed decision as it can have large implications. These meetings and discussions take place under the banner of Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) as it is a joint body of all the provincial educational boards. Chairmen of all the provincial educational boards meet regularly through IBCC and discuss such agendas. Although, decisions made by the panel are forwarded to Islamabad for obtaining approval. Once the approval is made, the decision is announced and implemented but as per the 18th Amendment in the constitution of Pakistan, all educational matters are approved dually by Provinces and Federal. Despite all such discussions and suggestions, the key agenda for this year was the announcement of date sheets with a mutual agreement and consensus by all the Chairmen.

The final decision is yet to be announced, however, one of the senior officials of the meeting has said that all educational boards will be announcing the date sheets very soon. The announcement can be made this week, next week or the current month but it is not too far away. Once the date sheets are announced, they will be available on the official website of all the boards too. The boards are also planning to inform students via text messages from next year. Exam guidelines, roll number slips and other key information shall be released by the board within two weeks of the announcement of date sheets. Once all the areas are finalized by the board, then IBCC will meet for deciding the announcements and declaration of results. We wish the best of luck to all the students and advise them to keep visiting our website for all the latest updates on inter date sheet 2020.