100,000 scholarships to be given by Google in Data Analytics and Project Management


The entire world mourns has corona virus spread is still on the rise. Deadly virus has impacted the lives of millions with effecting the income level, stress level, health level and some of them have even lost their jobs. Owing to this crisis, Google aims to help general public by providing need based scholarships in the areas of Project Management, Data Analytics and UX/UI. All of these scholarships will be provided for certifications in these fields using an online E-Learning platform with courses to be taught directly by Google.

Online platform selected for providing these certifications will be Coursera. Google’s employees are made responsible for creating and teaching these programs. According to an official statement by Google, these certifications can last for a period of 3 – 6 months depending upon the speed of the one studying. It is an online certification, therefore, program will be available online and one can study depending upon his/her convenience. In addition to that, the most interesting element associated with these certifications is that Google will consider these certifications equivalent to some of the educational degrees and furthermore, these certifications can be used to apply at any of the available roles in Google.

Google’s Startup Lead said that this project is not merely for the purpose of generating revenue, it is more of a value for the people, Coursera and Google at large. She further said that Google wants to provide opportunities to those who want it. In fact, Google has been successfully mitigating the economic gaps created by the pandemic as they announced US $ 10 Million of grants to various non-profits for improving their training programs and inculcating digital programs within it. As far as these scholarships and certifications are concerned, one has to sign up on Coursera and start learning.